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Improve the Accuracy of Your AK-47 with 5 Simple Upgrades
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Adiga Armory
Published 2 years ago |
Today we'll be talking about some quick and easy ways to improve the accuracy of your AK-pattern rifles. If you purchase a quality rifle, use good ammo and apply decent marksmanship, the AK47 may just surprise you with unexpectedly good results. Will it ever be a bench rest match rifle?... not likely. But it is more than able to reach out to extended ranges if the job requires it.

Now, aside from addressing the weapon, ammo and marksmanship factors, the factory sights tend to be the weakest link for me. The notch-style rear sight and the short sight radius are more akin to pistol sights, and in my humble opinion, are not ideal for long-range marksmanship. I prefer to swap the rear sight out with a ghost ring like this Mojo AK Microclick sight [model AKMC]. While it doesn't address the short sight radius, it offers a more conventional M4 or M16 sight picture that I'm used to. Its also adjustable for windage and elevation, and has a removable aperture insert to give you two size options.

The next area for improvement is the front sight. I found that this KNS Precision 0.052” ball front post [model AKBALL052] greatly improved my ability to see my target and to consistently place the post in the right location.

Next up is the stock conversion. On a standard AK47 with a conventional stock, this is a non-issue, but this rifle was born as a Yugo-pattern underfolder. The original folding stock was a bit rickety and wobbly, and it had virtually no surface area for a proper cheek weld. It has since been converted to a telescoping M4-style stock using a Definitive Arms UF-M4 stock adapter. We have a full video on how to do this conversion here:
This stock conversion made a huge difference in my ability to stabilize this weapon and make consistent hits at longer ranges.

Next up was replacing the standard slanted muzzle break with something that had more mass. This is an unbranded, US-made brake that I picked up on eBay for cheap. It's all steel and it works great.

Last but not least is adding a sling. This is basic doctrine that applies to virtually all long guns. Using a sling to stabilize your weapon is essential for improving your accuracy.

Now that we've covered the upgrades, lets take 'er out to the range and see how she shoots.

So there you have it folks; five easy steps to better accuracy out of your AK. And with that, thanks for visiting today, and we hope you enjoyed this video. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section, and we'll see you again next time at Adiga Armory!

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