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Published 8 months ago |
January 6, 2021 Ashli Babbitt was allegedly shot. Due to the video footage, the facts seen, and also known, and critical thinking common sense, too many things don’t add up. QAnon Digital Soldiers investigated and published a report on January 7, 2021.

Ashli Babbitt was an Air Force Military Police Officer, yet she willingly violated the law, in a Federal Government Building, while surrounded by other Law Enforcement Officers.

Ashli Babbitt was married and had many friends, yet she was all by herself breaking into the Capitol Building.

Ashli Babbitt was surrounded by Law Enforcement Officers, yet not one attempted to stop Ms. Babbitt as she climbed into a broken window.

Ballistically, the bullet would have hit Ms. Babbitt in the waist or lower, not the neck.

Where is the Bullet ?

It is documented that Ashli Babbitt was shot in the neck, yet there is no arterial blood spray.

Blood appears to leak from Ms. Babbit’s nose and mouth, this indicates blockage of breathing, the body normal reaction is coughing to clear the air way, yet Ms. Babbitt never coughs.

Where is all the blood ? A bullet wound at close range, to the neck would produce a lot of bleeding, yet only trace amounts can be seen.

Why did the Police Officer shoot to kill Ashli Babbitt ? Ms. Babbitt had no weapon, did not display any life threatening behavior, why not use a taser or mace ?

Why would the Shooter Police Officer fire at Ashli Babbitt while there were many civilians and police officers behind Ashli Babbitt, placing all those people at risk of being shot.

The Bullet would have passed through Ms. Babbitt’s neck. Again, where is the Bullet ?

Why did the Police Officer who shot Ashli Babbitt leave the scene ? Place Officers involved in a shooting do not leave the scene.

Once a person is shot , it becomes a crime scene, yet no Law Enforcement present treated it as such, if fact they encouraged people to leave without even taking names and information of witnesses.

Why did no one call for help ? Instead all Law Enforcement acted more to the chaos and added to distraction.

Why did no one address the Bullet Wound ? No clothes were removed, no attempts to assess the injury and damage.

No assessment of the injury was made, yet they moved Ms. Babbitt with a neck injury several times including carrying Ashli Babbitt by her legs and arms down a stairwell with no neck brace or backboard.

On January 7, 2021 QAnon exposed and reported on what so obviously doesn’t make common sense, medical sense, or legal law enforcement procedures.

This report was uploaded and posted on a QAnon Brighteon Account.

On the same day Attorney L.Lin Wood posted a link to video news report from Brighteon on Mr. Woods Parler Account.

Attorney Wood then went on to explain in another post on his Parler account how Ashli Babbitt re-tweeted a Tweet from Mr. Wood Twitter Account.

Attorney Wood adding in his post he believes “something is not right here”

Why would the Deep State attempt to involve Attorney L.Lin Wood with Ashli Babbittre-Tweeting from Lin Woods Twitter Account ?

Was this an attempt to Set Up Lin Wood by linking a Re-Tweet to Ashli Babbitt in order to assign some sort of blame from Ashli Babbitt’s shooting Falsely to Lin Wood ?

What exactly is going on here ? Why has the Government swept all of this into the “never mind and forget about it” hole.

Where’s the Media? Where’s all the civilian witnesses, Where all the law enforcement witnesses ? Where’s the investigations ?

We all hope and pray that Ashli Babbitt is alive and well, but the Public requires answers.

If this was an illegal false flag government operation to distract from, and conceal Voter and Election Fraud, also to sully and harm Donald Trump, the Trump Campaign, and ALL Trump Supporters, then people and agencies need to be held accountable.

Help me figure this out, what are your thoughts ? Comment or Private Message Me.
Thank you.
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