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A18. Conquering Covid Part 2: The 12 Days of Covid Recovery With Chlorine Dioxide
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Chlorine Dioxide DIY (MMS/CDS)
Published 5 months ago |
This is a Part 2 of my "Conquering Covid" video with Chlroine Dioxide. It wasn't until about day 6 of my covid-19 experience that I actually had something painful and debilitating. Headaches and low fever, which made it hard to get some cooking and cleaning done. It isn't the worst sickness that I've had in my life and I still was able to get other things done with my sick and quarentined. In this video I discuss how my recovery was still faster and much easier with the use of Chlroine Dioxide. Total cost for 12 days of recovery with Clo2? Less than $2. (Even the test to verify that I had covid costs $77 lol!)

What I Took:
1-liter bottle of water mixed with about 15 ml of CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution), drink 100 ml of this mix every hour for 10 hours. 100 ml x 10 = 1000 ml = 1 liter. (You can add a little more CDS if you want to the mix)

MMS Bath (25-drop mix...25 A mix + 25 B mix put into the hot tub of water). No soap or anything else in tub. Soak for about 20 min. Helps with back pain and fever. I only took the bath once but it helped a lot.

MMS 2 Pills (Size zero about half filled with calcium hypochlorite). I did 1 pill on 3 different times during the 1.5 day period. I don't know if they had a great effect when I was in the middle of being sick. I just took them because I wanted to beat out what was making me sick. I had no idea it was covid and I was confused as to why the Clo2 wasn't totally stopping my sickness like it normally does.

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