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(Video1) Death by Medicine a film by Gary Null
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Published 4 months ago |
Is the Medical Industry killing patients slowly ? are conditions invented to sell more drugs, are treatments simply prolonged systems to make more profit. Is fetal tissue employed (abortion, planned parenthood) in Vaccines & prescription drugs? Universal Health Care / Socialised Medicine is a scam.

Death By Medicine takes a hard examination at the dominant medical paradigm contributing to America’s health crisis. Based on Gary Null’s ground breaking book on the hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths caused by conventional medicine, the documentary looks at the medical industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry’s usurpation of the nation’s medical schools, research, falsified drug clinical trials, peer reviewed scientific journals, and the complicity of federal health agencies to permit this to happen. The result is a medical system unfounded on sound science. Why is there a lack of oversight by government regulatory agencies and private interest lobbyists call the shots for national healthcare? From FDA and FBI raids on cherry and dairy farmers to the halls of Congress, we witness the hostile attack on the natural health industry. We witness what happens when a mercenary healthcare system and the failures of a just and fair healthcare policy leaves the US as the 37th healthcare system in the world. The result is the American medical system is broken and corrupted by money rather than scientific fact, and the answer is to create a new medical paradigm that addresses the health of people rather than raising of stock prices, careers and reputations.

Opioids, Smoking Cannabis, Heroin, Speed and LSD are simply modern Alchemy are harmful, but Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Mental Health drugs (psychiatry) (and often the drugs are causing psychotic episodes and prolonged mental impairment ) are a Trillion dollar industry are also very harmful

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