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Are pilots dropping post vaccination?
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Published 2 years ago
This is a scary thought. What if pilots start doing what we are watching on leaked videos? The censorship can no longer contain the reality of passout events, heart attacks and stroke events post mandate. What if we find out that there are no regulations on these occurrences? What if only precautions were taken? We are beginning to see the delayed results (Chronic) of the vaccine mandates. The acute results happened quickly, within 90 days, heart attacks and strokes. The subacute takes a little longer, sometimes up to a year. The chronic adverse effects occur (observed), after that. The acute adverse reactions have been ignored and covered up by the mainstream media but has given rise to a 40% increase in ‘all-cause’ mortality rates as seen from the life insurance companies. Indirect Covid has changed everything. A lot of money was spent to trick people into taking this poisoned antidote. They were successful. All of the consequences the censored experts were talking about for over a year now, or beginning to be revealed due to the high amount of incidences occurring. The censorship can no longer contain the amount of post-vaccination adverse reactions but don’t think they are not trying.

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