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Treetop Flyer - Geoengineered Transhumanism, Hydra Vulgaris, and the Incoming Cyber Attacks - Episode 19
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Truth Ark
Published 7 months ago |
Some of the topics we touch on in Episode 19 -

Replacing Nurses, Doctors, Police, etc. with people following "orders"
More are awakening
Pfizer patents for tracking the vaxxed AND unvaxxed
Chicago and Seattle Police have quit
Communications, Internet, and Cyber attacks inc
Create a barter and trade based economy near you
Hydra Vulgaris
Boeing Employees mandated
HELA cell in vaccines
Vax plan for 5-12 year olds
Emergency= removal of all rights

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Treetop Flyer has been speaking, making podcasts, and leading workshops for 20 years. He has a ton of experience in many fields and we are excited to be collaborating on a series sharing his thoughts on how to improve life in 2021!


The truth is here.Truth ark is a group of free thinkers and freedom lovers looking to share information from all perspectives to learn and raise ourselves up through the lost art of critical thinking.If you are the type of person that notices the serendipitous nature of life you are not alone. Fake news, science, and statistics are being used to justify global change and inhumane treatment of the communities at large.This group naturally formed as a small group of diverse individuals that were looking to see if others were noticing the same irregularities. Our group is full of folks from all walks of life; diverse interests, political philosophy, economics, health, space, history and how we perceive consciousness as a whole.If you would like to connect and talk with other free thinkers we are always looking for more perspective to add to the conversation.

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