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Their goal is complete control over all of us, says Reiner Fuellmich
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Published a month ago

“The ultimate goal is complete control 
over all of us.” “But also, [the goal] is population reduction.” “There was 
NO [ COVID-19 ] pandemic.” “After having interviewed over 
450 expert witnesses… 
I have come to the conclusion that 
NOTHING is real.” “The Plandemic… 
global warming, 
climate change, the Ukraine crisis... “… all of what 
we are seeing is psychological terrorism…” “It all comes from 
mind control.”
“It’s NOT just simple psychology, 
but it goes 
far beyond it. 
It’s mind control.” “For some… reason, 
they need our consent 
for everything 
they are doing.” “What they want 
us to do is… 
KILL ourselves.” “That is why all of this brain washing 
has been going on. “They use this psychological terrorism 
to keep us in 
constant panic and constant fear.” “The ultimate goal is… to reduce the population by [billions]… and 
get the rest of us to be completely 
under their control as slaves.” Reiner Fuellmich tells Stew Peters in July 2023.

The full interview is posted here:

Source - Larry Hobbs, Fat News

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