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Red Pill of Truth
Published 2 years ago |
2019 WHO Global Vaccine Safety Summit, which was exposed by Del Bigtree & his team at "The Highwire" & Youtube has suppressed their channel, so be sure to check out their non profit website for the latest breaking news, the ongoing lawsuits against our Alphabet Soup Regulators, the Pseudo-Science & Corruption that infests our Sciences today.
These WHO Vaccine Experts DIDN'T know they were being recorded, so as to be expected, conversations behind "Closed Doors' & the questions being asked & the statements made...can be quite enlightening to say the least. Enjoy the Summit & the TRUTH!

Dec. 2019 WHO GLOBAL VACCINE SAFETY SUMMIT - Geneva, Switzerland (Including IOM, ACIP, CDC, FDA, HRSA Scientists)

36:00 - The Discussion on Vaccines is Changing around the World.
40:20 - Confidence in Vaccine Safety is Questioned by People World Wide.
44:00 - Confidence in Vaccine Safety is being Questioned by Medical Professionals / Doctors.

46:27 - *Medical Professional / Doctors are Uneducated on Vaccines ...."You're Lucky if you have a Half-Day on Vaccines...".... (8 Years of School & only 6 Hours on Vaccines, Hmm?).*

50:11 - Anti-Vaccine Websites/Social Media offer Credible Correct Information, which makes it hard to refute their concerns. (It's *NOT* Misinformation but *TRUTH* ).

53:00 - The Mainstream is losing the debate of Vaccines within Society today e.g. 500% INCREASE in Folks realizing Vaccines are NOT Safe nor Effective.
1:02:40 - Vaccines have compromised the innate Human Immune System that's been developing since Mankind came into existence.
1:05:40 - The Vaccine Safety Science has NOT been done.
1:13:50 - Procedural steps to accomplish Vaccine Safety that has NOT been done yet.
1:19:00 - Adjuvants represent the majority of the Dangers within Vaccines, which can create Long Term side-effects, while NOT all adjuvants are Tested for Safety.
1:24:40 - Adjuvants Multiply the Risks of adverse reactions and are NOT properly Tested for Safety.
1:26:41 - Adjuvant Long Term (Systemic) Side Effects are NOT being Studied and the dangers are unknown. i.e. Long Term Chronic Disease via Anaphylaxis Reactions.
1:30:47 - The Mechanisms to how Adjuvants work are NOT understood. Seniors can handle Adjuvants better than Children i.e. Seniors Immune Systems are not as Damaged as Children's Immune Systems are today, due to ALL the Vaccines they receive.

1:36:00 - Vaccines are ONLY Safety Tested for days to months and then given to the Public.
1:40:24 - Targeting Pregnant Mom's for Vaccination, but they *DON'T have the Safety Studies nor do they know the implications to the Fetus.

1:43:00 - Vaccines are considered *OFF-LABEL* for Pregnant Mom's & Developing Fetus's i.e. No Science for Safety has been done per ACIP CDC.

1:43:40 - *Lawsuit WON against the FDA* for Falsely Recommending Vaccines to Pregnant Mother's, when *_NO SAFETY STUDIES_* have *EVER* been done.

1:46:10 - Are there any Safety Studies on Cross-Reactions between various Vaccine Manufactures & the Multiple Adjuvants? *NO* i.e. We are the Medical Experiment.

1:55:30 - (IOM) Institute of Medicine states, ...."studies designed to examine the long-term effects of the cumulative number of vaccines or other aspects of the immunization schedule have NOT been conducted."....
...."existing research has not been designed to test the entire immunizations schedule."....
...."No studies have compared the difference in health outcomes...between entirely unimmunized populations of children and fully immunized children."....

*The Childhood Immunization Schedule and Safety: Stakeholder Concerns, Scientific Evidence, and Future Studies.*

1:57:30 - WHO Chief Scientist Caught Lying to the Public

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