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Population Management
Published a year ago

The control cabal of wealthy elite manipulators works through their secret societies, think tanks and multiple layers of compartmentalized co-opted operatives.

Over the centuries they have carefully crafted legal and illegal financial and institutional management of their conglomerate empire of banks, hedge funds, companies, foundations, bureaucracies, political organizations, intelligence agencies, militaries and dark projects.

Based on their longstanding assumption that population growth, improved intelligence and public knowledge threaten their power and resources, the cabal has planned a gradual reduction in both intelligence and population level by implementing a mixture of mind control, disability and death modalities.

Poverty, malnutrition, pestilence and war have been their tried-and-true methods from the past of limiting what they consider to be their “herd” of servants.

Over the last century, with development of modern technologies utilized by the cabal as weapons or control mechanisms whenever feasible, many more subtle methods have been exploited.

Raising awareness of these control efforts is essential for building the momentum to stop the cabal’s evil agenda and end their harming us and our world.

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