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Are they REALLY protectors of free speech???
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Published 2 months ago |
I am having doubts by the totalitarian way we are monitored for language & possibly content

I was contacted by Brighteon staff to explain their side of my "forced language warnings" and I respect that they reached out. But I still think "Freedom of speech" should also cover "Freedom of expression" as long as its not hate speech, inciting violence or pornographic. I have suggested to give creators a "channel rating system" that would allow viewers to know up front what type of content is within. A rating system would slow down a lot of complaints and give viewers the heads up if there is "explicit language" or content not suitable for viewers under 18 yrs of age. Not all pages are child friendly..and some are not for the language sensitive people.
What do you think? (Please leave me a note in the comments section)

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