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The War For Freedom, Why We Will Fight and Will Be Victorious: Good Fight ForEvermore 1/3
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Published 5 months ago |
The Good Fight ForEvermore - January 19, 2022
With your host, Bandana Ed. Brought to by Stone Bandana Publishing and Entertainment and by, the only free speech and free social media platform where we do not collect your data.

NOTE: I am enjoying watching how the evening shows on FOX News have finally caught up to the Independent Media. This is information Straight Shooting News has been covering, and Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, in particular, have a large audience, so what they are exposing should help us with Our War For Freedom.

For tonight’s Good Fight ForEvermore:

Part One - Explaining the harm from the bad science and media lies, exposing what is resulting, and what most are not seeing from the media.

Part Two - Meet World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, and ‘His Excellency’ Xi of the CCP, and their minions.

Part Three - We will drive home the point about why everyone should pay attention now.


We start with Laura Ingraham and Dr. Makary, the new health advisor in Virginia, and Florida Speech Therapist, on what masking is doing to the children. Parents listen up!
Hannity with results of the Parental Push Back in Virginia; meet the New Virginia Attorney General
Don’t ever think your voice or vote can’t make a difference
The Woke Agenda Must End Now
School Board vs. Parental Rights is Virginia Law
Covering up a Rape Case that led to another
Ending fear

It is good Tucker and is finally showing what we have been showing all year “The World Protests Against Tyranny.”
His guest gives the shocking reality about why it is taking place, and it is exactly what we have been warning about all along with others who Cherish Their Freedoms
Millions of people worldwide are out in protest
Digital Currency turned off and on Compliance
Communist China Social Credit Scores
It’s not a Conspiracy Theory, when it is no longer a Theory, it is a Conspiracy against Our Freedom

If you don’t believe it can happen in the USA, listen to this clip from Hannity
Utah wants to deploy the National Guard
Willing Enforcers or Constitutional Patriots? It is time to find out
The View and the Liberal Idiots: their viewers are dangerous and must be eliminate from our lives no matter how difficult that may be.
My Thoughts are forget vaxes, contaminated Chinese-made testing and take vitamins and exercise, because the truth about what just occurred in the medical world is not going to be admitted to for years to come.

BTW: We are being invaded. Why is this being allowed?

We explain more in Part II, and as we announce Our New SSN Series and upcoming book, The War For Freedom Guidebook.

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