Unable To Win In Ukraine, NATO Escalates New Frontlines
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Amid the ongoing battles on the Ukrainian frontlines, Russian precision strikes are destroying Ukrainian military infrastructure in the rear areas.

The recent waves of Russian strikes have targeted the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, where large stocks of military equipment and personnel have been accumulated.

Last night, Russian strikes were reported in the Kharkiv region. In the DPR, a Ukrainian ammunition depot was destroyed in Dobropolie. Massive airstrikes hit the Ukrainian garrison in the village of Novomikhailovka, where battles are already ongoing in the center.

On the night of March 3, Russian strikes destroyed two temporary deployment points of Ukrainian military personnel hidden in the schools in Mirnograd; the targets also included a training ground of the National Guard of Ukraine in the area of Chuguev.

In their turn, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue attempts to attack Russian rear facilities. Besides the constant shelling and strikes on civilians in the DPR and small Russian border villages, Ukrainian drones are destroyed deeper in the Russian rear areas daily.

Ukrainian forces resumed attacks on the Crimean peninsula last week. After several Ukrainian drones and Storm Shadow missiles were intercepted in the western waters of the Black Sea, dozens of UAVs targeted the eastern part of the peninsula. On March 3, 38 drones were destroyed on their way to an oil depot in Feodosia. The growing scale of Ukrainian strikes may mark another upcoming massive attack on Crimea. The target may be the Crimean Bridge, which can be reached only by NATO weapons and reconnaissance means. The recently leaked conversation of German officers confirmed that such an attack was prepared by the NATO military.

Another direction of the possible escalation is the north-western region of Russia and the city of Saint-Petersburg. On the evening of March 3, a large drone filled with 20 kilos of explosives was discovered on the territory of a local oil depot.

The day before, the city of Saint-Petersburg was targeted twice by UAVs. In the morning of March 2, a UAV damaged a civilian building in the northeastern part of the city. In the evening, Russian air defenses intercepted more targets over the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

These are not the first attacks that targeted the northwestern territories of Russia but the culprit is yet to be punished. Indeed, some UAVs can reach targets located about 1000 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, but it is also likely that the drones were launched from the territories of the Baltic States.

The ongoing routine conflict without any drastic escalation will inevitably lead to Russia’s victory. In an attempt to disrupt the current course of the conflict, NATO warmongers are on thin ice forced to take far reaching political and military actions to escalate the war.


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