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Who Outlawed God's Sabbath and Passover in Europe?
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Good News in a Gloomy Age
Published 2 years ago |
Sabbath, March 7, 2020, marked the 1669th anniversary of Constantine's Sunday law! Since Constantine was born in Serbia (south Europe), this historic Sabbath message was delivered in that country with the purpose to unmask Constantine's non-biblical "Christianity" and give it as a witness to the world. The preacher is Aleksandar Veljic, translator, writer, a Church historian and owner of a private library "The Hope of Israel".

In the fourth century, Constantine banned the Sabbath observance in Europe. His Council of Nicaea abolished God's Passover by instituting Easter Sunday! This historic Sabbath service message points out those crimes of Constantine against God's truth and God's people! Here is an excerpt from the message: "The established Roman state religion falsely called Christianity set out to annihilate those who kept God’s Passover and God’s Sabbath. Constantine’s legacy is well and alive. His counterfeit Christianity is protected by the law. German Constitution sanctions only Sunday and pagan holidays as days of rest. Other European nations will follow suit, and Passover and Sabbath observances will eventually not be recognized as legal religious practices in the coming United States of Europe!"

If you would like to have the written notes of this message, please email Aleksandar Veljic - [email protected] and request it.
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