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Call Me Ignorant #48 - Jeremiah Harding (The Weekly Hellscape)
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Stephen Ignoramus
Published a year ago |
Hey everybody. Stephen Ignoramus here and welcome to Call Me, Ignorant. So pleased you could be with us. Call Me, Ignorant is a live conversation show. Whether with an interesting content creator, an expert in a field, a controversial figure or with a fellow human being trying to spread a message, Call Me Ignorant will try to solve the problems of the world, conversationally speaking.

With me on the program today is Jeremiah Harding. Jeremiah is an anarchist libertarian blogger and the host of the Weekly Hellscape. We are here to talk today about an internet rabbit hole that he went down recently and a subsequent petition that he started in attempt to oppose the normalization of pedophilia on twitter and elsewhere on the internet. Links for his website, social media and documentation of the process can be found below.

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