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Globetards -way too many reifications of probation
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Published 5 months ago |

Globetards -way too many reifications of probationsecond law done with dynamics violations

what is gravity you have no idea okay

next question

hey yo

it's chocolate sand

it's 20 21. i told you that's a wrap for

this glow

check it out way too many reifications

of probation

second law done with dynamics violations

[ ] of all these fake ass apparent

deviations globals always flapping guns

no demonstrations the black swan

murdered the ball

with simplicity pretending clowns aren't

they are no specificity get with me get

that geometry your model needs nowadays

mostly i sound like your army needs

copper fleets but no ball to ever show

for and never more

been a wrap for


you thought you had it all so now like

it seems just you'll never see this you

ain't chilling peeping the gleason's the

globe model so [ ] dead so many

reasons mad at me

cause your fairy tale of gravity is

rapidly becoming a [ ]


independent variable no physicality

factually dealing with no type of

reality a tragedy all that is truly

signs of fallacy

sad to see that was surrounded by such


all day no containment it's automatic

you sound like a fanatic your heart's

beating out of your chest no need to


problematic anytime there were socratic

it finally turns viewers like dust to an

asthmatic or a crack addict all tuned up

become mechanic

state you're leaving when you're done

it's so tragic you end the sneezing or

sliding knows the reason you globetalks

windup like sub-zero freezing ain't no

reason for you not to remain calm as my

[ ] [ ] hit you with the three-point


instant exploding paradigm technique

backslapping your beliefs into leaving

it sweet your points obliterated

finished unable to speak

have you looking like i'm petty catching

elite your whole squad left sounding

comatose i hear michelle dollar keeps

rocks in the head she keeps her family

closer some of y'all think you're the

best things is when it comes to fp

prepare to catch an overdose

of intellectual honesty the clear lack

of thinking of you always never cease to

astonish me i gotta keep it real and be


it's quite possibly the dumbest thing i

heard since the cosmology is often seen

as a philosophy a mythology but actually

it's a prophecy of religiosity

get all your skills and your weight up

this crunch time your whack model gonna

ate up like lunch time how in the hell

can we establish a baseline

mostly our trolls are just here to waste

time i'm not aware what y'all hearing

through the grapevine but you must be

out your mind selling space time a

mathematical construct of imagination

with absolutely no experimental

validation before the story begins you

need a foundation

curvature of the earth that's the

conversation since the [ ] of it

disappeared without a trace i'd say it's

also time for you to say goodbye to


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