And We Know 3.1.2024 Mitch out, DEMS switching parties, Border, Epstein up, Moloch reaches millions, Pray!
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LT of And We Know

March 1, 2024

You know, as I was preparing for this report, I told my son Rafael, it is amazing how there is so much going on each day. We never run out of things to show the public..that you won’t really find anywhere in the mainstream media. It is sometime shocking. We will dive into the bill signed about Epstēin, the Russia excuse used again, the border visits, Moloch explained by KatT on Joe Rogan and more. Here we go.

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Whoa. P Diddy is now being accused of sex trafficking akin to Jeffrey Epstein, eliciting underage sex workers, RICO racketeering, and grooming men for sex.

Unbelievable now Dan Goldman is accusing Comer and Jim Jordan of working for Russia to mess with the 2024 election

Nathan Wade's attorney "doesn't know" if he lied or not under oath.

How do you not know this?

DeSantis just signed a bill into law that will release 2006 grand jury records of the Epstein investigation as tears fall down one of Epstein's trafficking victims face.

Katt Williams blows Joe Rogan's mind after he suggests that transgenderism originates from the demon Baphomet and that Hollywood has been pushing us towards these occult themes for decades:



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