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Knowing The Creator 101 - Episode Three - The Creation Process
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Matt Presti
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Published a year ago

The Creation Process is the same for all beings in this temporal universe. All beings build bodies to simulate the needs, the desires and the imagination of themselves in order to fulfill the purposeful Divine drama of creation. Mind is therefor CAUSAL and body an effect. As we move ever closer to the reality of God - Power - Creator - Light - Love - Stillness - Cause - Silence - Consciousness - Equilibrium - Prime Actuality - Source - The One, etc., our creative abilities become super charged. Even our need for sleep is lessened by the intensity of the moment to moment connection to the Divine Mind Power that rests within each one of us allowing for a faster recharge of one's body. Those who can realize this endless power within may unfold their genius with greater rapidity. May this episode serve to further your unfoldment and inspire you into creative action.

Written - Produced - Directed Filmed - Edited - Scored by Matt Presti

Dedicated to the uplifting of humanity in its troubled hour.

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