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COVID-19: Unmasking the Panic-demic Part 1
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Published 3 months ago |
Are PCR test results a reliable indicator of the severity of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic?

Right from the start of this “pandemic” the politicians and the mainstream media have led us to believe that a positive PCR test, irrespective of clinical presentation, is to be regarded and reported as a COVID-19 case, and is therefore synonymous with COVID-19 disease. COVID-19 however is the designation for a severe illness that occurs only in about 10% of infected individuals, while up to a staggering 98% of PCR test-positives are individuals who are either completely asymptomatic (~80%) or show only mild symptoms. The reason therefore why in the opening sentence I decided to put the word pandemic in quotation marks is because a real pandemic is defined as the global spread of an infectious disease. The final letter in the abbreviation COVID stands, in fact, for disease. And, as any sane medical scientist will tell you – a disease requires symptoms.
Now, to suggest that COVID-19 is not really a highly lethal pandemic as so many have been led to believe, but rather a false-positive pseudo-case-demic – i.e., a scamdemic, seems tantamount to heresy. However, truth and facts are seldom welcome to our emotional prejudices, especially when these have been engendered and bolstered by the relentless state-authorized and mainstream media-orchestrated fear-mongering propaganda.
In order to further separate fact from fiction, we should be asking ourselves the following key questions: what then does a positive COVID-19 PCR test factually mean, as opposed to what we are led to believe it means by the lockdown and mask-mandate enforcers and advocates? And further, can it distinguish between SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses and bacterial pathogens? And finally, can it distinguish between an infectious virus and non-infectious viral fragments?
These are the very questions I discuss in part 1 of Unmasking the Panic-demic.

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