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Amazing Evidence of Biblical Giants (Thomas Winder)
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Published 10 months ago

Recently we enjoyed a visit here at Tsiyon HQ from our friend, Thomas Winder, Archeologist. He put on an excellent presentation for us, and we recorded it to share with you tonight. Thomas excavated an ancient temple in the Biblical city of Sodom for 7 years. Surely, we have all heard of Sodom, destroyed by the Creator by a sudden and massive conflagration. Thomas brought artifacts with him that give evidence supporting the Bible narrative, which you will want to see.

Perhaps the most interesting of the artifacts is a toe bone discovered at the Sodom temple site that is truly giant sized, as one might expect to find in an area where giants were known to live. The Bible calls these giants Emim and says they were "a large people, who were many and tall like the Anakim. And they were known as giants, like the sons of Anak, but the Moabites called them Emim." Deuteronomy 2:10-11

Some four centuries after Sodom was destroyed there were still giants ranging throughout that same area east of the Jordan, when Israel came into that land and made war on the giants, and destroyed them by the power of the Eternal One. While all of this is true, modern man has trouble with the idea of giants. In fact, some see this as evidence that the Bible is mythological rather than factual.

Actually, there has been evidence of giants found in locations around the world. These days, the evidence of giants is suppressed, because it does not fit in very well with the accepted narrative. 


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