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Published a month ago

Weather Warfare

Deliberate spraying to create high level cloud intended to reduce heat loss and maintain higher than normal temperatures after weeks of below seasonal average temperature thus maintaining the climate change illusion.

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 • Daytime Sky Time Lapse 12th April 2024

Everyone is needed in this fight ...

Climate Engineering = Geoengineering rebranded

Exposing one Climate Change Agenda Mechanism in Graphic Detail - SAI

Do you remember Contrails? those very short, very brief, trails behind high flying jet aircraft that were very infrequent between 1960 - 2000/2010 .. well they appear to have been weaponised and enhanced by the addition of chemical/nano additives/particles to create vast amounts of man-made cloud and other atmospheric reactions, equally they can completely clear the sky sucking up moisture like a desiccant with devastating results for weather systems and climate as witnessed by recent weather and environmental 'events' ...

Contrails, the 'Happy' name for SAI, Stratospheric Aerosol Injections part of the SAG or Stratospheric Aerosol GeoEngineering programs which continue unabated, unchallenged and unreported by the mainstream news channels, BBC, ITV, Sky etc. etc. but then they wouldn't would they? .. Climate Change Agenda

12th April 2024

West Sussex, England

Natural weather has been replaced with this synthetic crap sprayed upon us.

Global Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Geoengineering programs are wrecking Earths natural weather cycles and climate, causing extreme weather events, record temperatures and droughts as well as floods .. causing the fastest ever recorded climate change event in Earths history and all the while the powers that should not be continue to blame you for driving your car, heating your home, eating meat or cooking your vegetables , generally going about your daily business, thereby causing climate change ..

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Climate Fake

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