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The Day The Earth Stood Still – Save The Planet
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Are we reaching a tipping point? How long can we keep destroying the planet before we invoke God's wrath? This is a Christian film review of the 2008 movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. Warning! This video contains many uncomfortable truths about the need for people in the Western World to change their indulgent lifestyles to fight greed for the sake of all humanity. Click here to read an article on this subject. Join in forum discussions on this topic and more by clicking here Our email address can be found on the 'About' section of this channel.
*** End Time Survivors is a movement preparing people for something called "The Great Tribulation". We welcome contributions from others. Check out other videos on our channel [] and visit our website for more information. Please subscribe to stay informed as we upload more videos each week. [Subscribe!] *** MUSIC CREDITS: Song: Ambient Gourd Artist: canton Album: Song: Lunaeclipse Artist: Luna eclipse Album: Lunaeclipse.mp3 Title: My Song For January Artist: Dexter Britain Track: 3 Album/source: Creative Commons Volume. 2: Year: 2012 Comment: Visit Title: Funkified_Time-OurMusicBox.mp3 Artist: Album/source: Copyright: Comment: Free royalty free music distributed under the Creative Commons license. Credit must be given to Title: Chasing Time Artist: Dexter Britain Track: 6 Album/source: Creative Commons Volume. 1 Year: 2012 Comment: Visit #EndTimeSurvivors #VoicesInTheWilderness #TheDayTheEarthStoodStill

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