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Tianeptine a Paradox to the Current Paradigm of Depression
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A novel tricyclic antidepressant, which is a little bit of paradox to the current paradigm of depression. I'll make the case in this article that it's a Jekyll and Hyde smart drug.

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1:00 My Tianeptine Review
1:49 Human Studies
2:12 Monoamine Hypothesis of Depression
3:42 Antidepressant Pharmaceuticals
Boycott Bayer! Alternatives to Bayer's Drugs & Products
4:24 Pros vs Cons
6:15 Cognitive Enhancer
8:42 Depression
12:05 Demonology & Mental Illness
16:05 Alcohol Withdrawal
17:03 Vs Parkinson's
17:25 Vivid Dreams
Inception in Real Life: 24 Lifehacks for Lucid Dreaming
18:04 A Long Term Focus Drug
18:58 Mechanism of Action
20:25 Neuroplasticity
21:05 History
21:22 Pharmaceutical Grade Sources
22:24 Aesthetics and Use
24:09 Recreational Use
25:26 Abuse Potential
26:40 In Conclusion...

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