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Donald Trump handed The Pentagon Cloud contract directly to Microsoft Israel. It's "one" of the greatest US security penetrations in history. There are too many now to mention.

*Israel and Iran both set to join Russia-led free trade zone*
After two rounds of negotiations, Jerusalem close to agreement with Eurasian Economic Union; separately, Tehran also set to sign deal ‘in the near future’

American Jewish Activist Jeremy Rothe Kushell ambushes Dem hopefuls on the streets in Iowa. This is history. Jeremy unfortunately maintains a close relationship with two of the biggest idiots online - Gordon Duff (Bob Foote) of Veterans Today and Dr Kevin Barrett who openly stated on camera in June of 2019 he was working with the Malaysian government (and Chinese and therefore Israel and Russia) to bring down the petro dollar (happening now) and destroy the US economy. Tell me how that works? Video to come.

Dr Kevin Barrett was also chatting to Russian GRU (Military Intelligence asset) Alexander Dugin in Iran. Iran is deep in bed with Israel Russia and China on The Belt & Road Project working with the Swiss and German banking arms of Rothschild. If you're in bed with Russia and China, by definition you are in bed with Israel who is running the whole project. Dr Kevin Barrett is an embarrassing apologist for the Chinese Communist Party - his behavior and rhetoric are so beyond "normal" of a supposedly intelligent man I am left dazed and confused. I can only summize money as a reason as he cannot maintain his position in any way shape and form. And why has he not been arrested yet as a foreign intelligence asset?

Dr Kevin Barrett expressed a great love for George Soros to me personally, on camera. Video to come. He trained in Paris...oh...that might explain a few things. He is best friends with one of the great idiot Muslim commentators Sheikh Imran Hosein -

Muslims I know, consider Sheikh Imran Hosein an "idiot". If not an out and out "plant". Despite the self evident relationship between Israel, Russia, China and Iran on 'The Belt And Road', Sheikh Imran Hosein continues to feign ignorance in such matters. I would consider him a "Putin Groupie" but that would be to kind. I too was a 'Putin Groupie'. I woke up in Iran, late December 2016. I hung my head in shame at my stupidity. These people have zero shame - because they are owned and operating under orders and they are going to lose and they will be dead or they will face trial.

Perhaps Sheikh Imran Hosein's training in Switzerland and 10 years at the UN doing the call to prayer explains a few things? You can bet George Soros has Sheikh Imran Hosein's number in his whatsapp and you will understand more when you understand George Soros, once the sworn enemy of Dr Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia, are now besties. George Soros is pure Kissinger & Associates.

Why an intelligent man like Jeremy Rothe Kushell fails to see it, I do not know. When I berated him about Gordon Duff and the ridiculous love affair with Soros of Veterans Today, he sighed, "Its all we have". Jeremy's street work is a great indulgence of grace and covers over many sins - his work here is sheer brilliance. There will be a video to come on that whole group - who said what to whom - Fred Smith of FedEx and Skull & Bones contacting us and so on.

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