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Is Delta Covering Up Vaxxed Pilot Dying Mid-Flight & Texas Bans Vaxx Mandates
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Published 2 months ago |
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Sources used in video:

Delta covering up pilot dying mid-flight, emergency landing -

Small plane crash, was he vaxxed -

You would think this guy would know there is no legal mandate -

Remember, the mandates are nothing more than a press release -

Texas takes a stand against mandates -

Paranoid Karen thinks camera is a bomb -

How the coaches in the NFL really feel -

How do we know viruses even exist -

Another 28 year old dies of "heart attack" -

This nut job was in charge of Dominion voting machines -

Potatohead Bidens cabinet a bunch of incompetent fools -

Fauci movie a total bomb, media runs cover -

Free concert for a squirrel -

Steve Inman -

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