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You Will Eat Insects and Be Happy
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Published 2 years ago

WEF Marketing Lies & Agenda:

▪️By 2050, the world's food supply will need to feed another 2 billion people.

▪️Insect farming for food and animal feed could offer an environmentally friendly solution to the impending food crisis.

▪️A source of protein and fertilizer, emerging technologies could help bring insects back into the food system at scale.

▪️Our consumption of animal protein is the source of greenhouses gas and climate change.

▪️Insects are an overlooked source of protein and a way to battle climate change.

▪️The consumption of insects can offset climate change in many ways.

▪️Edible insects can produce equivalent amounts of quality protein when compared to animals.

▪️Insects require less care and upkeep than livestock.

▪️We're actually running out of protein.

▪️Insects are part of a virtuous eco-cycle.

▪️You can start small and work your way up.

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