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Polish Patriots Warsaw Rally 9.6 22 (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION in Eng.)
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Published 9 months ago |

Wojciech Olszanski aka Aleksander Jablonowski speaks to the citizens of Warsaw about plans of Western powers to dismantle state of Poland and creating an artificial geopolitical entity called Ukropol or Polukra (merging Poland and Ukraine in order to create a new federal state) within the next 10 years. Polish government never asked the citizens of Poland for permission. No national referendum has ever been mentioned. The Poles are being pushed into war with Russia against their will. This war's purpose is to both weaken Russia and bring Poland to its knees in order to create a new geopolitical entity. Mr Brzezinski doctrine says all about this project. The American and British governments are playing key role in making sure this project succeeds. It is of utmost importance that American people know how treacherous their government is and how badly the US government treats its most committed allies that Poland is. Polish people love America and its culture. Polish people have nothing against the Americans but the US government acts disgracefully and the American public should at least be aware of the situation. The Poles do not want any union with Ukraine and losing their country. Todays Ukraine is a country based on terrorist narrative. Current Ukraine government has brought the II World War criminal Mr Bandera onto the national pedestal. He has been named as a hero. Bandera was responsible for a horrific genocide that happened between 1943-1947 in the eastern part of Poland called Wolyn that for several centuries has been inhabited by both the Poles and Ukrainians. 250 thousands of Polish people were butchered in the most horrific ways imaginable by the Ukrainian bands called OUN ( UPA in Polish - Ukrainska Powstancza Armia - Ukrainian Uprising Army). Those events are called Wolyn Slaughter (Rzez wolynska in Polish). The Poles are unable and must not forget about those events but Polish government wants to ignore that genocide. What the Polish government is doing right now is a massive insult to the entire Polish nation and all of the victims of that horrific genocide committed by the Ukrainians. The Poles are massively helping Ukrainian families who suffer terribly at the moment and we the Poles have nothing against the Ukrainian people but the Ukrainian government has never even apologised for Wolyn Slaughter and it looks like it has no intention to do so. This is absolutely unacceptable situation for the Poles. The Poles will keep helping Ukrainians who bravely fight Russians. We will keep sending them weapons and ammunition. We will keep looking after their families that are in Poland at the moment. The Ukrainians who are staying in Poland right now are excluded from paying income tax. They have free of charge public transport. They have also been awarded free of charge national health service. Many Polish companies employ Ukrainians. The citizens of Ukraine are being given accommodation, too. Many Polish families take Ukrainians to their homes. Polish nation does everything in its power to help the Ukrainians. Over 4 million Ukrainians have already arrived in Poland since the Russian invasion began nearly 4 months ago. That is an unimaginable immigration influx and a massive financial burden for the entire Polish nation. Yet, we the Poles do not complain however WE DO NOT WANT ANY POLITICAL UNION  WITH UKRAINE. WE WANT TO CARRY ON AS AN INDEPENDENT AND SOVEREIGN STATE. Let Ukraine be Ukraine and let Poland remain Poland. Have you been aware of all that? Does your media report on what is really going on? 


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