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Gays Against Groomers: Opposing the Sexualization, Medicalization and Indoctrination of Children
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Published 6 months ago

Max interviews Chris Barrett from the Missouri chapter of Gays Against Groomers in a discussion about how to protect our children from the trans-pedophile agenda sweeping our society. Gays Against Groomers are non-partisan and have worked together with diverse groups in an effort to expose and halt the grooming of children. Max and Chris discuss how this globalist agenda is being piggybacked onto the LGBTQ community, how this is not about the gay community but rather a woke Marxist agenda. Max and Chris reveal the agenda to normalize pedophilia, destroy the family, remove parental rights, reap billions of dollars for the medical-pharmaceutical conglomerate, and mentally, physically and spiritually harm children. Max and Chris highlight the irony of children not being able to vote, drive or make any life decisions and yet can opt to surgically and chemically alter their bodies without parental consent. The duo point out girls and gay youth as being particularly vulnerable to this agenda and how much harm this has done to gay rights, women’s rights and the lives of innocent children.

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