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"OMG" it's a BIRD, it's a PLANE, it's an... IQ TEST! AND J.OKEefe
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Published 2 months ago

"O M.G." G.T.F.O.H...You've got to be J.OKE(efe)ing! 

You don't need to be undercover when no one ACTUALLY knows who you are. Lol.
Look, I'm not into J.OKEefe (interesting huh, it spells "JOKE" but who's looking?) But... Lol
Are you guys buying this Clark Kent routine? Holy cow. Who came up with this? We have a name for this in the hood... It's called "Corny Ass Bullshit". Lol.. This so looks like a Mike Adams thing. He was always referring to J.OKEefe as Superman too. This is too much. But either way, who was filming this? standing over the top of people w out this guy seeing it or Intruding on other folks dinner? And after it all, the punch line is "What are you doing talking 2 the J.OKEefe"? THAT was the gotcha? Really? Musta been one hell of a conversation. Dude didn't even care? Lol. So I'm curious what you think. Add to his at [email protected]

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