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Three Stages of Salvation Chart - Short
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Published 3 years ago
An illustration of the Three Stages of Salvation and related Bible verses.

"How can I be saved?"; "What are the steps to salvation?"; "What is the process to complete salvation?"; "Are there different rewards in Heaven and will we get rewards in Heaven?"; " "Why does Sanctification matter?"

We will refer to the ‘Three Stages of Salvation Chart’ and the following three Christian theological terms as part of the way to help answer these questions:

1. Justification – A term used to refer to Jesus paying for your sins so you do not have to suffer eternal punishment and instead can enter Heaven after death. Think of Justification as your spiritual diplomatic passport. What’s required: Your faith and acceptance that Lord Jesus Christ paid for your crimes (sins) against God, and repentance of your crimes (sins). Repentance means to whole-heartedly ask God for forgiveness.
Result: You become God’s diplomat. (explained in Session 3 of The Torchbearer Series)

2. Sanctification – A term that refers to the process of becoming holy like Lord Jesus Christ, in order to earn and/or keep your inheritance, rewards, and crowns. What’s required: Become more like Lord Jesus Christ in your thoughts and actions, and diligently represent and promote God’s ways truthfully and accurately as his diplomat(representative).
Result: You are God’s diplomat. (explained in Session 3 of The Torchbearer Series)

3. Glorification – A term used to denote the glorious result after death. Your inheritance, rewards, and crowns are provided to you. What’s required: Justification is required, and then the level of your Sanctification will determine the level of your Glorification.
Result: You retire to Heaven with God after your diplomatic duties. (explained in Session 3 of The Torchbearer Series)

See for full details and more information on a large variety of topics. Or see the third lecture video containing this content and more:;list=PL0qwkdBdTcQ9r4QG2XyrqCSDo9l9b0t3Z&index=4
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