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Is This Economy Like the Carter Years, 2008, or Worse?
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JD Rucker
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Published 2 years ago

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In past years, listening to various economists talk about the state of affairs meant listening to a diverse range of opinions. As we approach 2023, the sentiment from economists is arguably more unified than it's been in decades. The outlook is grim. The only divergence in opinions is whether or not recovery will come sooner, later, or never.

We're seeing inflation like the Carter years. We're seeing market fluctuation like the housing crisis of 2008-09. does this mean we're going to see things get as bad as they were in the late 1970s? Are we seeing a version of the economic downturn following the housing market collapse? Or are we witnessing something far worse? I lean toward things getting worse for one important reason: The leaders and powers-that-be seem bent on prolonging and worsening our economic woes. Solutions are there and they refuse to implement them. This tells me The Great Reset is more important to them than saving the nation and the world from collapse.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I broke down what I believe to be this conspiratorial reason behind the ongoing economic problems. I was then joined by gold and silver expert Ira Bershatsky, Our Gold Guy, to see what the future holds for markets, including precious metals.

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