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** PLANDEMIC 2.0: GLOBALIST PSYCOPATHS ATTEMPTING SADISTIC DECEPTION YET AGAIN ** Test Kit Results Will Lead To Another False Outbreak! - Hal Turner – 28/Dec/2021
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Published 9 months ago |
** Will Humanity Save Itself?
** Binax Home Test Kits DEADLY
- Video:
** Lethal Drug Included In Over The Counter Covid Test Kits
- Video:
** K12 mask push-back, BINAX fraudulent testing for students, and a word from Dr. Bhakdi

- Video:

** “Global Plandemic” and other Freudian sips about vaccines and publi9c health
- Video:
** Man confronts sheep actors lining up for covid tests for the fake news media in the US
- Video:
** "Your pandemic is nothing more than wave after wave of meaningless positive tests"
- Video:
** CAUGHT RED-HANDED: COVID TESTS ARE DESIGNED TO PICK-UP "SARS-CoV-2 Proteins" . . . . which the mRNA Vaccines tell your body to produce ! ! ! Self-Fulfilling "Outbreak" and total fraud!
- The Hal turner Radio show, Hal Turner – 28/Dec/2021
- Article:
-- The test kits . . . . are picking up the spike proteins that the VACCINES told our bodies to make ! ! ! ! !
It's a self-fulfilling "outbreak" because all those "positive" tests, are actually picking up the proteins that the mRNA vaccines instructed our own bodies to make ! ! ! !
Then the government turns around and calls it an "outbreak" even though few if any people are actually getting sick, and the whole "lockdown" nonsense starts all over again.
-- You've all heard about the latest so-called "variant" of COVID . . . the Omicron Variant . . . allegedly breaking out all over the place, and how there are new tests you can get, even for home use! Turns out, the entire thing is a deliberate fraud. Here's how . . .
-- Cont’d --
** The Covid narrative is insane and illogical…and maybe that’s no accident
- The Burning Platform, Kit Knightly – 30/Dec/2021
- Article:
The “Covid pandemic” narrative is insane. That is long-established at this point, we don’t really need to go into how or why here. Read our back catalogue.
The rules are meaningless and arbitrary, the messaging contradictory, the very premise nonsensical.
Every day some new insanity is launched out into the world, and while many of us roll our eyes, raise our voices, or just laugh…many more accept it, believe it, allow it to continue.
-- Cont’d --
** Evidence They Knew How Deadly 'The Inoculation' Would Be Long Ago - US Senator 'Accidentally' Says 'MILLIONS Of People Died From The Vaccine', While Demonizing Those Who Refuse It!
- All New Pipeline, Stephen Stanford - 29/Dec/2021
- Article:
-- Like Foreign Countries, The Most Inoculated States Are Now Witnessing Exploding Case Numbers
With Joe Biden tucking his tail between his legs and scurrying off to his Delaware Beach House after telling US governors that 'there is no federal solution on COVID' and 'it should be solved at the state level', doing a total about face on his own October of 2020 statement that 'he had a plan to get COVID under control', we're about to witness why 'self-sufficiency' will be so important in 2022 America.
-- Cont’
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