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A Vision And Prophecy For America By General George Washington & What All Americans Can Soon Expect To Occur.
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Published 2 months ago |
This video is a reading of the vision that George Washington had while at Valley Forge in 1777 during the revolutionary war. The story of the vision was held in secret by a soldier named Anthony Sherman who had a first hand account of the vision but at the age of 99 years he revealed the story of the vision to a writer named Wesley Bradshaw in 1859 which was two years before the American civil war and Mr. Bradshaw published the story of the vision. The story of George Washington's vision is recorded in the Library Of Congress. To read more of the details you can get them at this link.

What the vision reveals is three periods of war in American history. Two of those periods have already taken place, the Revolutionary War and the American Civil War. A third war which will be by far the worse war is yet to occur. The vision reveals it will be a two part war during the third period with the first part being a civil war followed by an invasion of our country by our enemies. The vision reveals a dark red light associated with the invading army which I believe is symbolic of China and Russia will most likely be with them and perhaps another.

The vision of George Washington confirms and blends together with other modern prophecies as given by the prophet Kim Clement who passed away in late 2016. I do not doubt what is revealed by the vision of George Washington and it would be wise to expect the third period of events foretold in the vision to occur and to be prepared for it as much as possible. I can already see these events developing now and you should be able to see them too if you are paying attention to world events and behind the scenes information.

It would be wise for all Americans to stand together sooner rather than later for during these times we are being divided by the many various means of our enemies, both within and without our nation. I post this video on 7/17/2021 for reference.

The wisest thing we all must do is to turn to our God and turn our brothers to God for it is the Lord who will save us and our country. Now, please listen carefully to the video and listen again and share this video with as many others as possible.

Thank you
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