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Published 2 months ago

The GREAT RESET is a reset of the "Extraction Herd"

This is a rough draft. I have NO IDEA where the noise came from?C I'm putting this out, imperfect becuz it's crucial. And I don't want anything to happen to my ability to publish it. A better version will be published. PASS THIS ON. AFTER 11-12K HOURS or research, let's walk...

I'm not a doctor. 

This is NOT chatGPT influenced

You might want to pass this on

A couple notes. There's a LOT of info here so, allow me real quick, a couple points.

    1. When I say "so a cell can do its job(ref:ROS) that means cell replication, hygiene, apoptosis, regeneration, etc. Not just it's job as a whole

    2. I say "cell wall". That's me in my head talking. So, in the name of info hygiene, let me clarify. Mycoplasmas don't have cell walls. They have a "capsid envelope". And they "don't cause everything" as defined. But the other "viruses" that make you sick, definitions were changed regarding their "envelope" that would have put them in the same class as mollicutes. Again, word games. They do this. That's "gram neg bacteria". There's also "gram pos" that have actual .traditional, cell walls (these are what you usually know about)

    3.Bunkers: I didn't mean to say there WONT be nuclear war but am jokingly saying there may be another reason these rich folk are bunkering up

    4. There was one more. Lol. Can't remember. Oh, I know everyone ISNT in the middle class

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