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Great Scot at Enochville
Published 10 months ago |
Refuses to acknowledge the PCR is not a test but a manufacturing technique and refuses to admit there has never been a virus isolated as Koch's postulates
Christopher P here. The question; "Is light faster than sound? Is mockery. Light is sound- vibration perturbation of whatever medium Disturbed. We have tools we use to create and model part of the vastness that is the harmonic scale. Unending infrared to unending ultraviolet. Once you reached the end you reach the beginning. This is why they took all the incredibly precise 4.32htz pipe organs out of all the big Healing Centers the harmonious re-energizing Cathedrals and what we call religious Cathedrals today. I wonder what the Tartarians called these re-energizing centers. Interestingly enough being a mechanical contractor. I've got a pretty good idea of the radiant heating through Antiquity Tech aetheric Power. And this could explain why there are no bathrooms. One doesn't need to eat when everything is being regenerated with another source or through another source or by another source. A source closer to God? Seems so looking at it from this point of view. Strickly a civil engineering angle points to there being lil to no digestive waste to contend with. Yet spring heads creating every type of water feature utilizing pristine spring water at opportunity and every turn for every convenience it seems. These would require drainage as well as the storm water systems. Unless it didn't rain until the massive flooding referred to as the mud blood. A great deluge that seems to date to the late the 17 early 1800's. Are there vast tunnels? Earth has been honeycomb from its creation. So we have civil engineering at its finest utilizing God's watery creation. As Mother Earth's hydrogen and oxygen harmonic infusion into first plasmatic then gaseous liquid. Liquid to solid and back. Hydrogen oxygen and carbon converge creating fauna. Fauna create carbon dioxide as we creatures live die and return to the miry clay of terrafirma. Flora is created when carbon dioxide interacts with hydrogen and carbon. Trinities. And with each the electromagnetic toroidal field easily perceived Within the face of the sunflower. Each frequency or blend thereof are either a key in this realm or not. Each of it's own. Mankind is fully aware of which is which and which does what. Research modeled studied and published in the Years 1949 to 1963. Now with the infrastructure to create each on a massive scale today. These phased array antenna facilities and particle colliding infrastructure has replaced perfectly tuned pipe organs. And mankind has replaced the giant energizing Healing Centers of the Tartarian age with eating meat potato poop and pee. Who on Earth and why on Earth would anyone disassemble those fabulously precisely engineered and built harmonic machines? Removing them from fabulous stone structures built with the organ's harmonics in mind. Many and some of the most grand built along what we laymen might refer to as Ley lines. Within and making up the whirling spheroidal toroidal electromagnetic world we live in. Matter creation Electro magnification to disintegration is scalable from the tiniest plasmatic molecule to Mother Earth herself a famously beautiful blue with hints of green and turquoise glistening gem of a ship upon the waters of God's creations. Is the world round? It's an oblate spheroidal toroidal field. Is Earth hollow. It is honeycombed upon Creation at the very least. As our whirling sphere spins centrifugal force takes the matter created at the center to the outer edge where we see the hydrogen and oxygen freeze to a solid ice ring. Creating a double sided terra honeycombed terrafirma all but flat , umpy yes with the mountains. But a disc none the same. Take two snow globes and glue them bottom to bottom. Spin like a top.
As Above So Below.
I bid ye fare
Maximilian Max Maximus Forealious of clan Maxwell at Canterbury in enochville nc usa
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