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THE DEEP STATE: 50 Year Old Recording Explains Why The World Is Going Crazy
First understand that the Rothschild - Synagogue of Satan threat is real - Read California Government Code 1027.5,

Trump must move against the Rothschild Zionists - Synagogue of Satan / Jesuits with tools already enacted since 1819 and in his possession. The fact that Trump has not exposed 911, USS Liberty, FED PerpeTRATORS is a Red Flag. Sadly at this time the President still appears to be kissing dirty ZIO boots with more Weapons, Jerusalem Capital, funding, no exposure for the Rothschild's Zionist atrocities etc... Not taken over FED and re-educated the American people about the coup of our nation by ZIO - Jesuits in the 1860's, Fake UNITED STATES Corp and the fifty Fake US Sub Corps... At the end of the day America - it is up to you to do something about this...
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