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John Lamb Lash
Published 3 months ago |
Thumbnail: Modern imaginative rendering of Sekhmet, the Egyptian lion goddess who represents the wrath of the planetary animal mother, as well as the concerted rage of those who fight in her cause. This is a supernatural protective force.

In Planetary Tantra, Sekhmet is identified with Balam, the sacred jaguar of Mesoamerica, and Bhairavi of Hindu myth. This force is modality 6 in the Shakti Cluster, the icon of To Mega Therion, the Great Beast. This talk goes out to the world at the beginning of the lunar shift of 30 days overseen by Bhairavi-Sekhmet. It signals a key moment for the self-selected "strike force" comprised of those who are committed to expose and overthrow the current crime against humanity and, being so committed, to enact a measure of brutal force to achieve that aim, if required.

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Release date: September 18, 2021
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