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Published a year ago |
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According to the New York Post: Robert Mueller - pitched as an incorruptible beacon of justice when he was tasked with (unsuccessfully) hunting down ties between Donald Trump and Russia - was nothing more than a hatchet man for the deep state, who participated in a coverup of Saudi Arabia's role in 9/11 according to a new report by the New York Post's Paul Sperry - citing former FBI investigators and a new lawsuit by 9/11 victims. E-Militia Article: Mueller Helped Saudis Cover Up Involvement In 9/11 Attacks: Lawsuit

Guest Laura Loomer - Laura Loomer is an American journalist and republican political activist from Arizona  She is an investigative journalist at The Rebel Media. She began her journalism career working as an undercover journalist at Project Veritas from 2015-2017. [ Her investigations have uncovered fraud and corruption within the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, Islamic extremism on college campuses, flaws and loopholes within the U.S. immigration system, and widespread voter fraud throughout the United States. Loomer's journalistic passions include politics, anti-Semitism, immigration, terrorism, and the Islamification of the West.

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