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Published 4 months ago

Yonatan Erlichman - Search / X 8 year old Pfizer poster child died of heart attack after 4 jabs

Dr Sherri Tenpenny on X: "🚨Heavily Censored Story! 8-year-old Yonatan Erlichman, vaccinated with 4 DOSES of the Pfizer vaccine, known from commercials dedicated to the popularization of childhood vaccination "against" Covid-19 in the country, died from the consequences of a heart attack in Israel. Of…" / X

Gasoline prices around the world, 16-Oct-2023 |

Excess death debate - YouTube

WW3 TO BEGIN SUNDAY? - Expert WARNS Of Massive Escalation! - US To Send GROUND TROOPS!

Dutch farmers protest compilation

HUGE Protests Across France Against VaxPass Segregation & Coercion. Paris Protest & Police Violence

Trucker convoy: 2nd day of protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Ottawa | FULL - YouTube

Brazilians in Sao Paulo protest against Bolsonaro’s handling of Covid pandemic - YouTube

Thousands attend pro-Palestine rally in London - YouTube

Watch again: Pro-Palestinian demonstrators rally in New York City - YouTube

Nakba - Wikipedia

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