7 Control Factors Being Established to Lay the Foundation for The Great Reset
6011 views • 05/30/2022
As I'm writing this article and broadcasting the latest episode of The Midnight Sentinel, it's Memorial Day. Nearly every Memorial Day has been somber for me, but this year is even more so because I realize the freedoms the men and women in our military have fought and died for are under attack from enemies domestic and abroad. Some would say this has always been the case, but 2022 certainly seems like the closest we've experienced to an existential threat for as long as most of us have been alive.

The powers-that-be who are controlling the White House, Capitol Hill, and the largest corporations in the country are in the middle of implementing The Great Reset and they're attacking us from multiple fronts. We've had to deal with two or three at a time in the past, but never in my memory has there been so many all-attacks on our God-given freedoms than what we're seeing today. They are going after the control factors in our lives to bring us to heel before them.

I've identified the seven most obvious and, in my humble opinion, important control factors the powers-that-be want to hold over us. Any one of them is enough to make some people beholden to the whims of government and the public-private partnerships they are installing right now. Combine these seven factors and it's clear there would only be a tiny remnant of Americans who are truly free if the New World Order accomplishes this so-called "reset."

Rarely do I encourage people to spend an hour listening to my show. I'd love it if everyone does, but I know there are many who simply do not have the time or who just aren't "podcast people." Today's episode is an exception. I ask even those who don't normally listen to give this one special attention. The more people who are properly aware of these seven control factors, the fewer people there will be who are dependent on government to save them.

By no means is this my best show. I've had much smoother shows before, but never have I felt such a strong need for people to be aware of what I'm talking about than with this one. None of this is new. There are no surprises or shocking revelations, but seeing and hearing it all as a whole is important in order to bring into perspective the full scope of their nefarious plans. Even this is inadequate; I'd need a 10-hour show just to bring it all together properly. But hopefully this will be a good overview, a starting point from which I can discuss each control factor in more detail in upcoming shows.
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