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Dr Jennifer Daniels - Falling Out of the Medical Model Bus on OneRadioNetwork with Patrick Timpone (05.28.19)
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Published 2 years ago

Dr. Daniels gives her commendation for the best Shilajit and dosages to start as well as benefits

-Listener calls in about a friend who is only pooping once a week, but she’s made it to 96 revolutions around the sun

-What is in a saline IV and what they teach about it in Medical school?

-Turmeric is one of God’s all time anti inflammatory herbs

-There’s an over the counter thyroid supplement that may be of interest. It is called Thyro-Gold

-We talk about “The Hispanic Paradox”

-Chicken feet are probably the top of the list for staying younger in the face

-Dr. Daniels suggests the TSH number is the only one worth considering and says 20 or below is fine

-The two most popular issues clients of her “Discovery Sessions” are pain and lack of energy

-She suggests people have had success with using pure gum spirits of turpentine with their dogs for parasite control at the dose of 1 drop per kilogram (2.2 pounds)

A few of the many emails we received:

-Could Dr Daniels suggest any treatment for large ulcers, 5 inches diameter, on the ankle of my brother in law , who has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and is bed bound and in hospital at the moment.

-My 59 year old sister was just diagnosed with age related vascular deficiency. A black and blue mark appeared on the ball of her foot without injury…Any suggestions how to support her vascular health?

-Tell Dr. Daniels the other day I made a bone broth out of chicken wings and chicken feet . OMG .. The broth was so thick when cooked…I’m hoping that was really good collagen for the body

-Dr. Daniels, I’ve had enough of being jerked around and want to stop my dependence on this med, though

concerned how it might affect my heart. How do I safely drop NDT and feel good again?

-Prominent and obscure researchers are all out warning about the dangers for heart attacks and reduced longevity from too high ferritin levels. I’m freaked because mine are very high. How can they be reduced without giving blood? (i don’t drink alcohol)

-Aloha Dr, Daniels, I see you have included Senna as an ingredient in your capsules. It has been my understanding that it is unwise to take Senna on a long term basis. It overstimulates the gut and can be dangerous for more extreme situations. Can you speak to this? Thank you.

-Have pre skin cancer spot on arm and a friend said black strap molasses works. How does it work and where to get it?


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