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Here are 10 Tips to get out there speaking online in a much bigger way. Live meetings lately are canceled due to the Coronavirus, so now’s the time to get into the online space for speaking in a much bigger way. Online speaking can get you much greater results than live speaking anyway, because you can reach far more people all over the world. Your content can be made available for years and people can watch the replay many times -- thereby getting deeper value, as opposed to a live event that people only see once.


Topics Covered:

1:15 – The kinds of results people have gotten from online speaking

2:50 - Tip #1 – Think Through a Specific Marketing Strategy

6:30 - Tip #2 – Ask for Guidance from Your Future Se

8:45 - Tip #3 – Explore the different types of online speaking

11:25 - Tip #4 – Titles are everything

15:05 - Tip #5 - Learn the basic technical requirements yourself

18:40 - Tip #6 is - Choose one method of online speaking and get really good at it

20:58 - Tip #7 is - get good production quality

24:13 - Tip #8 is – Think through what you want to say

27:32 - Tip #9 is – Connect with the Group Mind of Your Listener

30:02 - Tip #10 is – Don’t be Afraid to Make an Offer




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