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Pedo Joe's Roving Right Hand
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Terra Times
Published a month ago |
This video clip focuses on Joe Biden's lack of control when it comes to invading someone's personal space, especially if that someone happens to be a young girl.

Now, this fellow is hoping to be the next Puppet-In-Chief.

I know what you might be thinking, "Well, it's not that much of a stretch to have a pedophile in the White House, since we recently had a foreign-born, homosexual (closeted), Muslim-In-Chief, and currently have a sleazy, prevaricating, Reality TV star, as Tweeter-In-Chief.

Pedophile-In-Chief really doesn't fly though.

It's going to have to be someone else as Puppet-In-Chief....unless....the puppet masters have selected Pedo Joe. And it actually wouldn't be that surprising if they did, since their lap dogs, the mainstream media shills, have been doing their best to normalize pedophilia for decades.

God Help Us!!!

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