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Covid-19 Vaccines - Body Attracts Ferrous/Nonferrous Metals, Cell Phones
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Published 3 months ago |
The magnetism the vax is causing is not in the shot. There is no material available in such a small amount that can be injected and cause what we are seeing. The magnetism is being caused by the vax re-programming your DNA (and it has to be exactly that, they are lying if they say otherwise - ) the vax re-programs people to have a literal iron spike be part of the normal internal structure of of many cells, if not all cells eventually. The end purpose is to get enough of these iron spikes into people - spread througout their bodies - to ensure there are lots of them in the brain that will be there to pick up control signals. The rest are probably waste. All the studies were done on this. All of them were linked on this site at one time or another - they know the vax is devastating and that it has to attack the blood for the iron and people are dying from the blood damage caused by having the body programmed to mine the blood for iron to build the iron spikes. Anemic people will die. Healthy people who's blood reacts by clotting will die. Only those who have lots of iron plus a reduced tendency to clot will make it. The mysterious behaviors of the attractive fields created by these iron particles may be caused by an entirely new allotropic form of iron we have never seen before out in the general public, until it was assembled that way by cells. If that is not what is causing such weird attractions of even metals that are normally non magnetic, then the attraction is being cause by some sort of weird borg tech being assembled by the body after that genetic modification they at least told us about in a half *ssed way. Perhaps they want transmit/receive to be a normal part of us. It is hard to say. Anyone's guess. We have to decode the lie.

How about some perfectly clear layman terms?
Your cell phone produces a frequency while transmitting, and NOTHING STICKS TO IT. Nothing sticks because the cell phone is not tuned to anything around it, for anything to stick that is not magnetic, it's alloys, size, shape, thickness - EVERYTHING has to match before it can be inductively attracted , and then, that which is doing the attraction has to hit the EXACT frequency, wave shape and duty cycle to draw whatever was specially made for it to be attracted. That's USELESS. It can be done, but is NOT DONE because there are better ways to do things. Here is an example of this being done with a plate that is tuned to the inductive element. This takes 800 amps at (undisclosed) volts to accomplish but it is probably 250 volts or more (hundreds of thousands of watts) and is good only for a parlor trick. Clearly this is not what we have going on with the vaxxed. There's so much EMF from the example I linked it keeps the light bulbs lit. It would take an enormous pile of power to cause inductive attraction to non-magnetic metals, an impossible amount to ever express within the body without vaporizing people. There is therefore, without any possible alternative explanation, tech at play with that vax that we were never allowed to have, but probably had all along, probably since Tesla.

Thumbnail picture: Magneto (X-Men comics): The primary application of his power is control over magnetism and the manipulation of both ferrous and indirectly nonferrous metal via metal ores they may contain. Magneto is also capable of creating powerful electromagnetic fields capable of moving and manipulating nonmetallic objects, as well as levitating them (he can also do this via force fields). He can even perceive tachyons and a variety of antiparticles.

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