Graphene 'Razor Blades' In Vaccines - Dr. Andreas Noack November 26, 2021
385 views • 01/17/2022
On November 26, 2021, Dr. Noack posted a live-stream video on YouTube, in which he stated he discovered graphene oxide/graphene hydroxide inside the vaccines.

He stated that the graphene hydroxide acts like tiny razor blades at the nano-particle level. They literally cut up the body from the inside.

Graphene hydroxide is the explanation for the instantaneous adverse reactions.

It was recently stated that improper injection technique is the reason for many of the adverse events. If the vaccine is injected directly into the bloodstream instead of the muscle, it sends the spike proteins and/or graphene hydroxide directly to your major organs resulting in a more immediate reaction. Therefore, perhaps directly injecting graphene hydroxide into the bloodstream accounts for the heart attacks, clots, strokes, and aneurysms that occurred anywhere from 1-7 days after injection.

Dr. Noack stated that it’s “like playing Russian Roulette” as to whether your muscle or bloodstream gets injected. Damage will occur either way except one is much faster.
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