Project Black Star Overview for Andy at Miles Franklin, New Long Covid Symptoms, Bill for Digital ID in the US, Dr. Jane Ruby-Mike Adams Discuss CLOT MYSTERIES (Hydras): 07.26.2022
1550 views • 07/26/2022

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Project Black Star Overview Report for Andy Schectman at Miles

By Terral

July 26, 2022 Watch video:

Andy Schectman and I had a nice conversation on the phone yesterday about setting up my affiliate account at Miles I asked and he knew little or nothing about the Project Black Star Investigation and I promised to send Andy and Dan an information package that includes the video using the link above. My email to Tim Stern dated June 08, 2020 was sent to Andy and Dan and appears below:

Email to Tim Stern:

Dear Professor Stern, gifted geologists, and astrophysicists:…


New long Covid symptoms revealed

Submitted by Richard


New bill aims to make digital ID pervasive in the United States

Submitted by Brenda


Dr. Jane Ruby and the Health Ranger reveal post-vaccine CLOT MYSTERIES with new lab results

Submitted by Terral

July 26, 2022 Watch video:


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