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The Jewish Question V1 [Crucifixion, Holocaust, Israel]
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Love Life and Anarchy
Published 2 years ago |
A presentation on European history and its resulting effects on the Jewish community. With special focus on world renowned Jewish intellectuals, the religious conflicts between Judaism and Christianity, European politics in the 20th century, World War 2, The Holocaust, Israel and how it is all connected to current world affairs.

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0:00 Intro
7:44 The Jews / Judaism
12:36 The Romans
14:50 Jesus of Nazareth
21:11 Jewish-Roman War
23:28 Christianity
26:51 The Middle Ages
35:14 The Black Death
36:50 Early Modern History
38:07 Karl Marx
39:48 Russian Pogroms
42:10 The Jewish Question
44:17 The Bolsheviks
49:35 Ayn Rand
55:34 Emma Goldman
57:17 Rosa Luxemburg
58:58 World War 1
1:09:00 The Great Depression
1:10:20 Mises & Rothbard
1:12:37 Weimar Germany
1:16:52 Adolf Hitler
1:22:06 "Judea Declares War on Germany"
1:24:31 Reichstag Fire
1:25:03 Night Of Long Knives
1:25:42 The Great Purge
1:26:35 Nazi Economy & culture
1:30:03 The Nuremberg Laws
1:31:22 Herschel Grynszpan
1:32:35 Night Of Broken Glass / Kristallnacht
1:35:17 Rhineland
1:36:20 Anschluss
1:39:53 Danzig
1:41:00 World War 2
1:42:42 Blitzkrieg
1:44:27 Soviets
1:45:42 Holodomor
1:46:29 Operation Barbarossa
1:49:08 Battle of Stalingrad
1:49:57 End Of World War 2
1:52:15 Denazification
1:53:20 The Holocaust
2:08:53 Israel
2:18:38 Conclusion
2:31:00 Outro
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