Other News #Ultra #GAINS Good News About Wellness, Freedom and Finance ’23
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Highlights of good news from 2023, starting with quantifiable #GAINS: Silver is up 19.5% since last year. Speaking of years, turns out I’m not the only one pushing for a calendar re-alignment with celestial timekeeping #Kronos Example of a new 13-month calendar, compared to my 13th month reformed calendar I presented in this video: and further detail celestial time and the "wobble" our planet, solar system, and even our galaxy exhibit. That relates to the photon belt re-aligning poles, and the Earth changes coming end-of-March, beginning of April 2024. Hooray!

Some good news in Wellness, Curing, Healing #FoodIsMedicine Let’s look at very legit, official and recent (July’22)study that discovers the imperative action to take against #Cancer among other ailments: Supplementing diet with Amygdalin. It ain’t no fairy tale or pharmakia:

Gonna look at the shipping industry for solid evidence of what we land lubbers can expect from the pirates soon, and identify #Solutions to avoid their cruel tricks. CHOOSE to #StarveTheBeast and, over the long-term, WE get the #GAINS and not the globalists. #Overabundance #Freedom ACTIVELY vote with your dollars, folks, they’re the only ballots that get counted. I’d be glad to escort you to portal where everything most people buy regularly is plant-based, high-quality, and made in USA. Contact me via one of the links here: Don’t feed the beast (Walmort, Targay, Amazion) #StarveTheBeast #ShrugTheBug #ProTips #LifeHacks  #FoodIsMedicine #GYOF
Get that meat-suit fit for 5D with pineal gland decalcifiers, detoxifiers, anti-oxidants- all natural #superfoods, especially moringa! Get pure powdered moringa, moringa drink mix, and moringa gummies with the moringa link  HERE or on my link tree!

Improve your meat-suits’ defenses physically and psychologically with emergency antibiotics #BePrepared with my code PESTCONTROL for a discount on your JaseCASE order. Link directly to that is on

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