episode 406: Ohio Issue 1 - One Issuer or More?
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This week I was invited into a conversation on Ohio Issue 1. Is Ohio Issue 1 actually one issue or more? The real questions that came our is ‘Aren’t we just kicking the can down the road? What is wrong with the State Legislature?’

In short, because I’m late in getting this program and newsletter out, Ohio is a targeted State. It is a political battleground in pushing the most evil abortion/human-rights amendment, which encompasses everything to do with manipulation of human reproductive organs and gender at any age, and without needing anyones permission.

No different then when Obama/Holder were able to amend the Ohio Constitution regarding redistricting, so to is the battle over Issue 1 and with that the abortion amendment. The enemy has the money. The Citizenry and Churches have a pathetic apathetic perfunctory concern of these issues.

One Issue or More

Simply, Ohio Issue 1 is not one issue. It is significantly more. It has a complexity for not only Ohio but, as I noted, with Ohio being a test target, the ramifications will move to States with a Simple Majority of 50% + 1, to amend those constitutions with social and cultural evil.

Remember, a Constitution is a Covenant.

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