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The New 'NoPlaneTheory': Why Did The NWO Use an Inflatable Decoy C-17 Military Cargo Jet to Sell the Chaos in Afghanistan?
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Published 2 months ago |
When I first saw the 'chaos' at the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan this past week (including the tragedy that involved the US Military C-17 cargo/transport plane) I thought that something looked funny. Actually a few things looked funny. As someone who has investigated false flag and hoax events for the past several years what stood out to me was the video footage coming out of the Kabul Airport that involved the C-17. When I kept seeing the same footage on every mainstream media station throughout the planet I wondered why we never saw any other footage of that plane on the tarmac in Kabul. We only saw the same video footage of a group (of mainly men) running on the 'runway' with that plane - including the one Afghani and his 'duping delight' running by and smiling at the camera. I knew that something was not right with that plane scene. The plane - itself - looked fake with the blackened windows and no flashing take-off lights and NO turbines running inside the jet engines and NO exhaust coming out of the back of those same engines. We also see a group of men surrounding the base of the plane and literally see NO tires. I opened up Jim Stone's web site the other day and noticed that he was calling out the Afghan Plane as a blow-up, inflatable balloon hoax and after I looked further into the video for several hours of analysis and then I was passed on further information on Twitter and noticed that a company (the same one that manufacturers children's inflatable play grounds) also manufactures Inflatable Military vehicles including aircraft and after further review of the video (and the ONLY video of that plane) I have come to the conclusion that this video is a HOAX and that the planners of this video used a combination of a 'blow-up' plane and CGI to sell us this Chaos in Afghanistan and then they threw in the fact that a few stowaway's fell to their death's trying to escape from the Taliban on that same plane. This of course is all setting up another bigger false flag attack as was symbolized by the number 1109 or reverse '9/11' that they used on the fake plane.

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