#MEGA #GAINS 2024 Outlook, Trends, Almanac, Predictions
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General overview of the state of affairs as 2024 takes shape. #Soaring20’s continues, with revival of things from 100 years ago, like: Common sense; Not taking sh*t; Buying American goods; Home gardening #GYOF, craftsmanship; arial craft phenomenas; The Great Depression, business sources in this video indicate #Hiring #Jobs #Solutions “Up By Bootstraps” entrepreneurship is the new “Gig Economy” as “Too Big To Fail” brands slash management-level corporate employment. When will the Real Estate bubble pop? Old Almanac predictions 90+% accurate weather, incoming snowstorms “Atlantic Corridor” Jan/Feb. Senior Citizens recently received notice of some kinda Social Security bonus check or something, more on that. Unsure about what the new year will bring? Keep a few good codes to live by on the top of mind awareness. A few examples, including #Disclosure Top 10 Jewish #ProTips #Lifehacks for success. Is #AI really Artificial Intelligence? Who measures intelligence? Who professes they have it? Could it be… Academic Institutions? The same institutions accredited with starting the internet?!? #SameMFers #CubeWorld #SpellsBroken
What is in the mainstream stuff from mainstream stores?!? Carcinogens and stuff that’s really not good. Be prepared to see more Legacy American-Turned-Globalist brands get destroyed this year. Also, there’s all the #IA’s Illegal Aliens, militant gangsters, and rapefugees getting dumped everywhere. We look at stats together. Legit stats with keywords. Then formulate #Solutions that are sometimes so surprising, it could happen no other way. More about the April 8th, 2024 #Eclipse.

#ProTips #LifeHacks  #FoodIsMedicine #GYOF
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